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Meet the team who are behind Gappers Travel who have responsibility in bringing you the finest hand picked tours across the globe.

Liam – Founder

Liam has been with Gappers Travel since 2014, when he founded the company. During this time he has created some excellent relationships with some amazing tour operators, and have managed to bring them to you through Gappers Travel. His aim to to make sure that you have the best time whilst you are on a gap year, on holiday or just want something different.

Keshav – Creative

Keshav was the second member to join Gappers Travel in 2015. His experience of travelling Europes, as well as having experiences travelling further afield meant that he could ass some real value to the company. He really enjoys city breaks, and enjoys taking in the local culture. Keshav is the creative guru of the company - so anything fancy is down to him

Aaron – Developer

Aaron was the last member to join Gappers Travel, having joined in 2016. He has travel experiences which ranges from America to Africa and Europe. Aaron joins the team with his expertise in web/app development, along with his social media acumen. He is here to help anyone who has any questions, and will go out his way to ensure you get the best from your trips

Lucy – Traveller

Lucy joined the Gappers Travel team after creating a friendship with Liam whilst on a gap year travelling in Australia. Lucy has a lot of experience with travelling, and is definitely the best person to go to for advice and guidance prior to your trips. She is here to help, but is often travelling and finding new places for the Gappers Travel team to explore and bring to you.


A real passion for travel
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In February 2014, Liam, the founder of Gappers Travel, as one of your average 20 year olds who'd always toyed with the idea of travelling. Liam was in a job a was not enjoying and finally decided it was time for an adventure! After book a flight to the other side of the World without thinking twice, Liam instantly became nervous about travelling solo (ridiculous, I know!), so decided to create a small Facebook group in the hope that 10 or so people in the same boat as me would join and ease my nerves. Before he knew it the group was growing. 10, 20, 50 members?! All people looking for tips, advice & to find backpacker friends who would be in the same location at the same time. Gappers Travel was born. Since returning experiences travelling the world, he formed a team of like minded travellers to run Gappers Travel. Over the years we have formed some excellent relationships with our partners, allowing us to offer you their wonderful tours, trip, hotels, hotels and parties all across the world. This has put us in a very fortunate position to ensure you go on your travelling holiday with a piece of mind you have had assistance from someone who has been there, and do it all before, and using carefully selected partner's tours.

We are passionate about travel

Packages we offer

Here are our hand picked tours across the world *CHANGE*

YOLO Cruise Greece

Barcelona City Break

Mauritius Explorer

Beats Island

Ibiza beach Camp


Gappers Travel

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A community

We are a large community which spreads over Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, with many useful and friendly faces

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Customer focused

We are a group of fun and like-minded people who are keen travellers ourself. We want to give you an experience we would want to receive.

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Worldwide Tours

We can offer you tours that are operated world wide, across all of the worlds continents

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Advice driven

We are here to offer you advice on trips and tours, and will be that excellent portal on getting you the best deals we can

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Our partners

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